суббота, 18 июля 2009 г.


On behalf of the Political Methodology section and the award committee, I
congratulate Keith Poole and Howard Rosenthal on winning our first annual
Statistical Software Award for their work on NOMINATE. The committee---Micah
Altman, Kosuke Imai, Andrew Martin, Simon Jackman and Jasjeet Sekhon
(chair)---thank all who submitted nominations. The award recognizes
individuals for developing statistical software that makes a significant
research contribution. We also judge the software's source code for quality
and algorithmic innovation.

NOMINATE is a landmark in software development for political science. It
allowed researchers to extract from roll call votes the small number of
fundamental dimensions that generate the issue specific dimensions. NOMINATE
continues to allow researchers to analyze roll call votes consistent with
the spatial theory of voting. The software has been enormously influential:
estimates produced by it have been used in hundreds of books and articles
and publications that rely on NOMINATE have been cited thousands of times.

Cheers, Jas

Jasjeet S. Sekhon

Associate Professor
Travers Department of Political Science
Survey Research Center
UC Berkeley