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This study is an investigation of the effect of disclosure of a child's own HIV infection status on death and CD4 decline in a cohort of 325 HIV-infected Romanian children receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). A retrospective database analysis was conducted. Data
from a nearly three-year period were examined. Children who were aware of their HIV diagnosis were compared with those who were not aware. We found significant associations between not knowing the HIV diagnosis and death, and not knowing the HIV diagnosis and disease progression defined as either death or CD4 decline. Our results imply that in the context of HAART, knowledge of one's own HIV infection status is associated with delayed HIV disease progression.

The influence of disclosure of HIV diagnosis on time to disease progression in a cohort of Romanian children and teens
AIDS Care. 2007 Oct;19(9):1088-1094.
Ferris M | Burau K | Schweitzer AM | Mihale S | Murray N

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